7 Key Aspects of the New Kitchen

As we reflect on 2020, we can all agree that this year brought several challenges and required learning new adaptation skills previously unthinkable, especially for the restaurant & foodservice industry.  Many focused on the changes required in the front-of-house because they were most pressing; however, the back-of-house also requires some significant rethinking.

I recently presented on the 7 Key Aspects of the "new normal" Kitchen during Foodservice Equipment Report's NEXT seminar and would like to pass along these resources to you. Watch the segment below and use the “kitchen audit checklist” to determine if your restaurant kitchen is set up to successfully move forward in the "new normal."

Watch this video to learn more about the "new normal" kitchen:

HubSpot Video


Is your kitchen set up to meet the requirements of our "new normal?" Use the checklist below to determine your score.

7 Key Aspects of New Kitchen Checklist



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