COVID-19 Response

Our sympathies go out to all of those impacted by COVID-19 – from those who have been diagnosed, friends and family of those who have been diagnosed, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted to so many more. We are feeling the impact together across the country and around the world. This is an unprecedented time for small and large businesses alike, but what’s not unprecedented is our ability to rally, respond, learn and end up stronger in the long run.

We want you to know we are still readily available to meet your needs. Here are the precautions we are taking to continue business as usual while trying to help “flatten the curve:”

social distancing : the hot topic

Time to give each other some space!

  • We are reducing the number of people in the office by allowing employees to alternate between coming into the office and working from home (with full access and connectivity) on staggered days. We will continue to adjust in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Rest assured, someone will be available during normal office hours every day. Direct lines can be found in employee email signatures. You can also dial our office (704-377-5200) to be connected to someone by name.

hygiene : the name of the game

In addition to our regular daily cleaning service providers, we are:

  • Wiping down the office at the end of each day (some of us, multiple times a day) and hiring additional deep-clean services.
  • Keeping hand sanitizer readily available for employees and delivery providers.
  • Regularly using soap and warm water to wash hands.
  • Asking staff with any symptoms to stay out of the office for the CDC recommended time periods.

I have even given in to running my coffee mug through the dishwasher every day. Something else unprecedented.

technology : the key to connectivity

Teamwork is at the core of our work at starrdesign. That said, we have been investing in innovative, collaborative technology over the past several years to properly equip and enable us to efficiently work remotely. Investments include:

  • A premium-grade videoconferencing system in our conference room that is also accessed by everyone's personal computers. Our team will continue consistent communication via Microsoft Teams and BIM 360 technologies.
  • Completely migrated shared files to the cloud for secure, all-encompassing team access.
  • The last stage of our shift to complete virtual access taking place when our new timekeeping and billing system, Ajera, goes live on April 1st.

travel : the one taking the back seat

Due to the ever-evolving circumstances, we are limiting business-related travel to only what is absolutely necessary.

Our team is driven by the principle that we get better working together every day, and today is no different. We will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19 and take the necessary actions to prioritize the health of our team and the American community. In the meantime, friends, stay safe, stay clean and stay strong.



steve starr, ais, fcsi

chief and President

starrdesign, pllc

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