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Creating touchpoints to connect with consumers

Alexander Shporer, project manager

Building a Multi-Sensory Experience

  It takes a lot of work for retail brands to deliver a remarkable experience. However, it can be done by making sure the environment provides a sensory experience. A sensory experience affects a...

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: How do I attract millennials to my restaurant?

  Some restaurant concepts that captured Baby Boomers and GenXers are having trouble attracting Millennials and younger patrons.

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: My Restaurant is Too Loud!

This is a common issue among restaurateurs, as acoustics are hard to gauge in a commercial space before you move in. There are numerous factors driving this problem. Trends are leaning toward open...

5 Ways to Run Your Restaurant in an Uncertain Political Time

In light of the recent presidential election, there has been a significant amount of uncertainty in the restaurant industry. With questions surrounding labor costs and market patterns many...

Fast casuals, not fine-dining brands, leading restaurant segment in design innovation

Tracking design innovation and trends tells a story about the hospitality industry and can help paint a picture of the future. Restaurants are typically classified into QSR, fast casual, casual,...

Why We Should Care About Designing for Millennials

Rachel Mitchell, marketing manager Although they don’t have considerable spending power now, Millennials will soon dominate consumer behavior.  We are already seeing this begin to take place in the...

Real vs. authentic: Which word should describe your restaurant?

Words such as authentic, real, integrity, and genuine seem to be used as brand attributes for almost every company we come into contact with lately. Even one of our own values is authenticity. But...

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