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Why We Should Care About Designing for Millennials

Rachel Mitchell, marketing manager Although they don’t have considerable spending power now, Millennials will soon dominate consumer behavior.  We are already seeing this begin to take place in the...

Real vs. authentic: Which word should describe your restaurant?

Words such as authentic, real, integrity, and genuine seem to be used as brand attributes for almost every company we come into contact with lately. Even one of our own values is authenticity. But...

How to Grow in the New Economy

One measurement of a restaurant’s success is the return on investment (ROI), which is simply the measure (per period) of the rate of return on the money invested. 

Technology: A brand-driver or necessary evil?

Mobile and online services are a staple in today's world. Technology can improve the customer experience, as well as increase an operation's efficiency. Allowing your guests to view menus, place...

Construction costs on the rise: How to mitigate the risk

It’s an unavoidable fact: Construction costs have steadily been on the rise. And with fewer qualified subcontractors available per project, the supply is simply lower than demand. During the...

Five Packaging Trends for 2016

  Sarah Pike, Art Director

How to use your restaurant design to tell your 'real food story'

Intentional food sourcing has been a significant trend in the restaurant industry for the past several years. As menu ingredient origins grew in importance to consumers, restaurateurs began to pay...

Franchising and growth: Expanding into non-traditional spaces

In the restaurant world, it’s vital to remain active and growing. Without an ongoing corporate culture focused on expansion, you’ll quickly get outpaced. But as restaurants expand, executives are...

How to build a multi-sensory experience in the retail environment

It takes a lot of work for retail brands to deliver a remarkable experience. It can be done, however, by making sure the environment touches each of the five senses.

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