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COVID-19 Resources

Restrictions on restaurants and large gatherings due to COVID-19 have swept the nation with lay-offs, particularly within the restaurant, hospitality and service industries. Many restaurants have had...

COVID-19 Response

Our sympathies go out to all of those impacted by COVID-19 – from those who have been diagnosed, friends and family of those who have been diagnosed, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted...

More than a meal

more than a meal

A firsthand account from Steve on reaffirming starrdesign’s mission internationally and the magic that makes food more than just a physical necessity.

1 problem, 3 solutions: what are the best materials to use in kitchen flooring?

When it comes to kitchen flooring, there is no one perfect solution. There are three main types of floors that each have pros and cons. When stepping through the swinging doors that bring you behind...

How to avoid unnecessarily costly construction

Why investing in your architect during the construction process could save you thousands You’ve spent countless hours coordinating with your architect and designer to achieve carefully articulated...

1 problem, 3 solutions: QSR design challenges

With consumer trends changing and the fast-casual industry booming, it can be tough for quick service restaurants (QSR’s) to stay competitive. They’re expected to uphold their characteristic,...

Design Challenges: When Restaurants Meet Retail

The two dominant trends in retail development — lifestyle centers and mixed-use buildings —present unique challenges for restaurant designers.


1 Problem, 3 Solutions: How Do I Get the Most from a Restaurant Designer While Containing Costs

I often hear about design fees and expectations from friends in the restaurant industry. They find a great designer yet have to scale back when costs get too high. Ultimately, the project and brand...

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: How Can I Differentiate My Restaurant from the Competition?

With the rise of experience-based dining destinations — those that combine food, beverage, entertainment and new experiences — traditional restaurant venues must now design to compete with a variety...

off premises dining

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: The Rise of Off-Premises Dining

What can I do to prepare my restaurant for takeout and delivery orders?

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