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1 problem, 3 solutions: How Can I Design my Restaurant to Prevent Health Safety Issues?

We see it all too often in the restaurant industry: well-known, high-quality establishments go down because of health safety outbreaks. In a recent study done by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of...

1 problem, 3 solutions: Which Restaurant Technology is Worth the Investment?

Technology can be used in your restaurant to impact the customer experience, communicate the concept's brand messaging and increase an operation's efficiency. However, acquiring technology just for...

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1 Problem, 3 Solutions: What Should be Considered When Purchasing Kitchen Equipment?

  Equipment is such a critical component of any restaurant, and operators need to weigh all sides before making a decision.

1 problem, 3 solutions: remodels and lease requirements

  How do I coordinate remodels or refreshes with lease requirements? We’re often asked about remodeling strategies and when is the “right” time to refresh a restaurant. Most leases have defined...

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: How Can I Tell One Cohesive Brand Story

There are a few key ways operators can pull together their product, service and environment.

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: Site Selection

What is the current state of restaurant real estate, and what should restaurateurs consider when looking for locations this year?

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: ROI & Design

How do you find a balance between impactful design and containing costs?

Is all that convenience crushing your customer experience?

Just like diners, restaurateurs and all humans are social creatures, with strong inborn biological and neurological needs to interact. In fact, "Braving the Wilderness" author, Brene Brown explained...

1 Problem, 3 Solutions: Restaurant Seating

When people are eating, they want to feel both protected and anchored. For example, sitting at a two-top table in the middle of a crowded dining room makes guests feel open and exposed — and less...

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